(Angel Engineered - Intelligent Design)

by L. A. Rotheraine, Biodynamic Master Gardener

2000 Cherry Tomatoes From A Single Plant!

Watch this free 15 minute video to learn about biodynamics and see the spectacular results for yourself. Follow the directions to grow your own 12 ft. high cherry tomato plant.

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Lots of Tomatoes
Lots of Tomatoes
Randy Johnson, L.A. Rotheraine and Brandi Buck harvest tomatoes from
Evergreen Elm’s world famous 12 foot high by 10 foot round, biodynamic
cherry tomato plant. The plant creates roughly 2,000 tomatoes each season.

Bios in Greek means life. Dynamic in Greek means energy. Bringing life-giving energy to the earth for the enhancement of plant, animal and human life is the goal of Biodynamic farming and gardening.

An Intoduction To Biodynamic Agriculture might sound strange if over the last twenty years this agricultural science did not create the award winning produce pictured above. For more information see our article "Atlantis, Ireland, The Eye, and Horn Silica".

The fixed stars, in combination with the planets rotating in their orbits, create the celestial weather that affects all life on earth. Life on earth becomes an interaction between the dynamics of our planet and the celestial spheres. The light and sound of the stars mold earth life. It is these currents that sculpt the carbon of the earth into living forms. Everything on our planet is a result of the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of this mighty celestial symphony.

Biodynamics is an attempt on the part of the gardener or farmer to orchestrate this heavenly symphony and tune the soil of the earth to create healing, enhancing energies. This is done with certain plants, quartz, and cow manure which are put through natural processes. In these processes the entire cosmos works in special ways on these preparations to give them a biodynamic nature. These preparations are then added to the compost heap or sprayed on plant and field, this dependent on the specific preparation.

The preparations purify and energize the compost heap, soil and plant. The forces streaming from the fixed stars and the planets are made more effective, aided in their work by the biodynamic preparations.

The following preparations are exposed to climatic conditions and specially processed:

  • No. 500 - cow manure
  • No. 501 - ground quartz
  • No. 502 - yarrow blossoms
  • No. 503 - camomile blossoms
  • No. 504 - stinging nettle
  • No.505- oakbark
  • No. 506 - dandelion flowers
  • No. 507 - valerian flowers
  • No. 508 - equisetum (horsetail)

Biodynamics is not a new concept. All ancient cultures believed that the tonal frequencies of the stars and planets and their light manifestations were divine emanations from the gods. They perceived earth life as being a microcosm of the macrocosmic heaven.

The ancients perceived that the Sun's interaction with the earth created gold, the Moon silver, Venus-copper, Mercury-mercury, Mars-iron, Jupiter-tin and Saturn-lead. Thus, the ancients named the days of the week after these deities; earthly diet being dependent on them reproducing themselves in plants, minerals and animals.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave the world these preparations and principles in 1924 at the request of a group of farmers who noticed a degeneration of seeds and foodstuffs in their districts. During these lectures Steiner made the point that the ancient wisdom no longer existed in humanity:

"If mankind with their present state of knowledge were suddenly obliged to create, from the comparatively few plants of the primeval epoch of the Earth, the manifold variety of our present fruits and fruit-trees, they would not get very far. We should not get far if it were not for the fact that the forms of our different fruits are inherited. They were produced at a time when humanity had knowledge, out of primeval and instinctive wisdom, how to create the different kinds of fruits from the primitive varieties that then existed. If we did not already possess the different kinds of fruit, handing them down by heredity- -if we had to do it all over again with our present cleverness - - we should not be very successful in creating the different kinds of fruit. Nowadays it is all done by blind experiment, there is no rational penetration into the process."

The ancient knowledge of the creative processes in the earthly kingdoms are now available to the general public. These processes are called biodynamics.


Copyright 1989 L.A. Rotheraine